Dr. Lenore Tate is a (CA) licensed psychologist who has helped others achieve emotional and spiritual growth for almost three decades. Her background in the behavioral sciences, extensive experience as a psychologist and continuous quest for knowledge gives her the ability to approach life issues from an integrated level. She has helped strengthen the lives of individuals, couples, families and groups, from childhood through geriatrics. Through a combination of various healing modalities and psychotherapeutic approaches in an active results-oriented setting, she will help you grow emotionally and spiritually.

At various stages and points in life there are obstacles or challenges that arise. With each of life stages and/or transitions, there is an opportunity for growth. We are never given a challenge we cannot master. challenges life may present - a divorce, career change, retirement, the death or illness of a loved one, interpersonal relationships at work and at home - psychotherapy can be an invaluable aid in coping and thriving.

In a safe and judgment-free environment you will have the opportunity to discharge unresolved issues in a nurturing relationship which will mirror and support the process of exploration and change. Not only will it work to bring into consciousness the underlying forces and patterns that may continue to re-enact behavior patterns from the past, but it will effect to deepen awareness and provide the ability to make more free choices in life as well as bring increased self-esteem, confidence and will to change.

An integrative approach to treatment combines elements of the psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral and relaxation therapies. Dr. Tate uses a holistic approach that combines traditional and alternative, short-and long-term models, incorporating practical methods for dealing with each person's unique circumstances. She embraces a comprehensive approach in her emphasis on treating the mind, body and spirit to maximize psychological, and spiritual health.

Connection and relationships are crucial to psychological health. As such a working therapeutic relationship is essential to a positive outcome. Trust, openness and collaboration are key elements to a successful relationship. Dr. Tate strives to work with each individual, couple and family as a special entity with unique needs in a collaborative approach.
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